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Chris Brogan on Fear, Secret Identities, and Your Super Power

In July, I had the pleasure of attending the World Domination Summit right here in Portland, Oregon.  Hosted by Chris Guillebeau (of The Art of Non-Conformity and $100 Start-Up fame), the summit focused on how to live a remarkable life in a conventional world.

One of my favorite speakers at the summit was Chris Brogan. I’d heard Chris mentioned as an influential blogger, but I had never visited his website or read his blog.

Quite frankly, Chris was phenomenal.  He cracked so many geek jokes that I nearly died laughing, which was a rarity at the summit. (The geek joke part, not cracking jokes in general).

But he also talked about our fears, both rational and irrational.  Better than talking about our fears, he asked us to image ourselves as super heroes overcoming those fears.  

It’s hard not to like a guy who’s asking you to accept your own super power awesomeness.

But I’ll let Chris tell you about that in his own words:

Your Turn

So what’s your super power?  Leave me a comment and let me know how you’re building awesome super hero teams, and how you’re using your powers for good.

~ Felicity

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photo credit: Yo Mostro via photo pin cc

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Create your page, decide what & when to post, & attract your first fans.

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