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Wanted - Entrepreneurs in Need of Rescuing From Facebook Confusion -

Wanted: Entrepreneurs in Need of Rescuing from Facebook Confusion

If you’re into online marketing at all, you’ve heard that Facebook is the place to be. Everyone “knows” it, the same way that everyone “knows” that networking is the way to get clients.

But figuring out how to set up your Facebook page can be frustrating.  Facebook has a lot of weird guidelines, like the difference between a profile and a page, and exactly what you can – and cannot – include in your snazzy cover image. 

There are, of course, a bunch of free resources out there that will answer these questions – and more – about Facebook.  But wouldn’t it be nice to have someone do it all for you?   Wouldn’t it be nice for someone to ride in on the proverbial white horse and take care of all the set-up techie stuff for you?

That way, you could focus on learning how to use Facebook to connect with your tribe, build relationships, and find new clients, instead of putting that on hold while you figure out the tech stuff.

If I’ve just described you to a tee (and I’m betting I did, if you’re anything like my clients), then I’d like to introduce you to the Skyrocket Your Biz Giveaway Event.


What is the Skyrocket Your Biz Giveaway Event?

The whole idea of the Skyrocket Your Biz Giveaway Event is to help you quickly and effectively jumpstart your business and leave behind any limiting beliefs or actions that might be holding you back.  Martina Zorc (, the genius behind this incredible event, has assembled over 100+ awesomely high-quality gifts that are available during this event (which, by the way, runs until February 28th).

To make is super easy and exciting for you to get exactly the support you need and desire, the gifts have been grouped into these 9 categories:

  • Boost Your Mindset And Confidence
  • Build Your Brand
  • Master Your Marketing
  • Get Publicity
  • Grow Through Collaboration
  • Attract, Enroll, and Keep More Clients
  • Increase Your Profits
  • Become More Efficient
  • Accelerate Your Results

But here’s the best part.  I’m offering one of my coaching packages for free as part of this awesome giveaway. Are you ready for this?


What’s in the Skyrocket Event for you

Remember a couple of paragraphs ago, when we painted a picture of a Facebook knight who would charge in and rescue you from all the set-up techie details?

Now’s your chance to get your own Facebook knight.  For Free.

You see, my contribution to the Skyrocket giveaway is absolutely free access to my private Fabulous Facebook coaching package.  Normally I charge $350 for this awesome package, but you can get it free as part of the Skyrocket Your Biz giveaway. All you have to do is register here.


What’s included in the Fabulous Facebook coaching package?

Just in case you’re not completely sold on the white knight concept yet, here’s what your Fabulous Facebook coaching package will include: 

  • Create a business page
  • Create an attractive cover image
  • Cheat sheet on the top 5 types of messages to post on Facebook
  • Training for up to three people on:
    • How to update your Facebook Page
    • What to say on your Page
    • How often you need up update your Page
    • How to know if your strategy is working using Facebook Insights
    • How to get more likes
    • How to turn your fans into customers

Unfortunately, I will not show up to your house or office dressed as a white knight. Not only do I not own the armor, but learning to ride a horse is still on my bucket list.

But, if you’ve been waiting to work with me one-on-one to jump-start your Facebook page, now’s your chance!  All you have to do is register for the event, which runs through February 28th


Your Turn

What’s holding you back from rocking your Facebook page?  Is it time, money, or something else? Leave me a comment below and let me know how I can help!

~ Felicity

photo credit: Kevin H. via photopin cc

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Create your page, decide what & when to post, & attract your first fans.

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