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Your Perfect Marketing Message – Start With Why

Almost every small business owner and entrepreneur that I meet has a love/hate relationship with marketing.  They love what marketing can do for their business, but they hate the thought of figuring out how to tell people about their product or service without sounding scammy.

But it doesn’t have to be that way, if you remember one simple thing: always talk about why you’re in business, and the rest will follow.

Click play below to watch Simon Sinek introduce his “Start with Why” concept  at a TED talk in 2006.  You’ll get concrete examples of how you can tell people about your product in a cool, unique way that gets them excited about your business.

Is your mind totally blown by Simon’s presentation?  Head over to my Facebook page and tell me specifically how you’re going to change your marketing to incorporate your why.

Remember, nothing changes unless you take action.

~  Felicity

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Create your page, decide what & when to post, & attract your first fans.

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