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Where I’m Headed – 2013 and Beyond

The best part of connecting with other entrepreneurs is hearing your stories. How did you get to where you are today? What motivates and inspires you?  What is your dream for your business and your life?

This is why I love being an online marketing coach. Because I help you write your story, reach that dream, and hopefully motivate or inspire you in the process.

It seems only fair, then, to let you into my story and how I’d like it to play out over the next couple of years.  And even though I’ve talked about this ad nauseam with my friends and family for weeks, it’s still scary putting it out there for you (and the entire internet) to see.


The Dream 

In the two years since I opened my doors, I’ve been consumed with client projects, coaching sessions, marketing and business courses, building my website, and getting on social media.  In other words, I haven’t had time to figure out just where I wanted my business to go.

Then, one night in June, it hit me – on the nights when I didn’t another commitment, I’d sit in front of the TV or read trashy romance novels for hours.  And I thought, “Am I working so hard at building a business just so I can sit in front of the TV at the end of the day?”

I knew immediately that the couch potato lifestyle wasn’t what I wanted.  But it took me a couple more months, and a trip to the World Domination Summit, to figure out what I did want. 

Finally, I settled on a dream that’s been on the back-burner ever since I returned from Switzerland in December 2004.

My dream is simple: to rent a cottage in Wales and use it as a base to explore Western Europe. 

I’ve already decided where I’d like to live: Bangor, North Wales, where the university has an adult Welsh program and the Snowdonia National Park is right up the road. I’ve bookmarked tourist sites, local newspapers (to get an idea of housing cost & availability), and checked out all of the 5 books that my local library has on Wales.  I’ve added myself to several “living on the road” email lists, and at least one Facebook group dedicated to people exploring the “nomad” lifestyle.

Now, it’s time to figure out how to build a location-independent business. That’s no small task, as nearly all of my clients are word-of-mouth referrals here in the Portland, Oregon area.  But I’m not an online marketing coach for nothing . . .


Goals for the next 12 – 18 months

My goal is not to turn my business into some sort of “one hour a month” business, as in the 4-Hour Work Week.  I do intend to continue working once in Wales, but not full-time. After all, the whole point of going location-independent is to travel and explore!

To make this “moving to Wales” dream a reality, I’ve laid out 3 major goals. 

  • Reach 4,000 email subscribers by January 1, 2014. 
  • Marketing That Rocks training course – beta in Fall 2012, run 3 sessions in 2013
  • Location independence (hopefully, by January 1, 2014).


What to Expect in the Coming Months

You may already have noticed that I’m updating this blog three times per week.  I’m also pitching a ton of guest-posting opportunities on other blogs (I already have 3 yes-es to work on this week!) and being very active on social media. 

I’m planning out monthly webinars and, of course, I’ll be working on the beta version of Marketing That Rocks, my first online training course.

From time to time, I’ll be updating you on my progress here in this “Behind the Scenes” Tuesday slot. My goal is to inspire you, share lessons learned, and write about my own triumphs and failures. 

If you’re not already on my email list, now’s the time to hop on to watch my progress. Or, you can connect with me on Google+ or Facebook.

Wish me luck as I move forward with this ambitious plan!  I’d love for you to leave a comment with any advice you have on becoming location independent. I have a lot to learn!

~ Felicity

P.S.  Tune in next Tuesday for more Behind the Scenes from

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  1. Elizabeth

    I really look forward to seeing you soar to the highest heights and reach your dreams. Good luck!

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